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Finding the best possible solution for your design challenge is no easy task, that's why we're here to help you find the right wave spring, retaining ring, or constant section ring for all of your applications.
We have created a brand new Product Guide that covers all of the different product types we offer. 
Choose from one of our 12 product types, 400 sizes, and 10,000+ standard parts in carbon and stainless steel, or challenge our team of engineers to tailor a custom part fit to your exact application requirements, all with No-Tooling-Costs.
Our Product Guide covers:
  • Wave Springs
    • Crest-to-Crest
    • Single-Turn
    • Nested Spirawave
    • Wavo
    • Linear
  • Retaining Rings
    • Spirolox
    • Constant Section
    • WaveRing
    • Hoopster
  • Laminar Seals
  • Custom-Engineered Products and Configurations

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