Snap Rings

Product Announcement from Smalley

Another popular choice of retaining ring configurations is the well known Snap Ring.

Produced by edgewinding with no special tooling charges, snap rings have been specified for many years in the automotive and heavy equipment industries as a standard choice of engineers.

Smalley has hundreds of standard snap rings in stock. Smalley standard snap rings, series FH/FS and FHE/FSE are available from stock in both carbon and 302 stainless steel.

These series are manufactured in both English (imperial) and metric sizes from .500" to 11" (13 mm to 300 mm). Special or custom designs can be produced quickly and economically utilizing Smalley's precision No-Tooling-Cost™ manufacturing process.

Smalley also offers Eaton/Tinnerman style rings. These rings can withstand high forces and impact loads and are easily installed and removed from their internal or external groove for field servicing your product.

Smalley Snap Rings are a perfect substitute for Ring Masters snap rings.

The snap ring end configurations pictured below are available from Smalley. Type A, B, C and H rings are available for both internal and external applications; designated by the -H (housing) and -S (shaft) rings.