The Revolutionary Revolox™ Self-Locking Ring

Featured Product from Smalley

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Lake Zurich, IL, July 29, 2021 – Rotational capacity requirements for modern applications are higher than ever, especially in electric motors, gearboxes, and automotive transmissions. As the market leader for innovative retaining ring solutions, Smalley has been continually investing in ongoing research and development to meet the demand for high RPM requirements.

Smalley's latest retaining ring innovation, the revolutionary Revolox Self-Locking Ring, features a 'dimple and slot' design that safely and efficiently secures your application at high speeds.

The top five advantages of the Revolox Self-Locking Ring include:

  1. Significantly higher RPM capacity over an equivalent non-locking retaining ring
    Revolox Self-Locking Rings were tested and optimized for superior and secure high RPM performance. Contact Smalley Engineers to discuss RPM capabilities in your application.
  2. Ease of installation
    The sturdy 'dimple and slot' design is not easily damaged during installation.
  3. Lightweight
    With a part weight approximately half the weight of a typical retaining ring, the lower part weight reduces rotating mass and therefore increases efficiency in the application.
  4. Automated installation capabilities
    Automated installation capabilities make Revolox Self-Locking Rings an ideal solution for high production volumes.
  5. Inherently better-balanced than snap rings
    Revolox Self-Locking Rings have an inherently better-balanced design that helps decrease vibration.

"We are excited to introduce Revolox Self-Locking Rings to our growing selection of over 6,000 retaining rings," said Ken Massett, Vice President of Sales Engineering. "This new product will transform the way engineers design high rotational capacity applications by enabling them to design around high RPM requirements cost-effectively and with ease of assembly for high volume applications.”

Learn more about Revolox Self-Locking Rings and contact an Engineer for technical design support and guidance.