Wave Springs & Rings- Helping the Fight COVID-19

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As a leading supplier to the medical industry, Smalley provides products and engineering expertise to support our customers worldwide, including the needs of the essential businesses that we supply. Our manufacturing plant located in Lake Zurich, Illinois remains fully functional and Smalley has taken numerous actions in response to the coronavirus to protect the health and safety of our team members.

Retaining Ring and Wave Spring Medical Applications 

Smalley’s Wave Springs and Retaining Rings are the trusted choice for medical devices from implantables to robotic surgical instruments, dental tools to ventilators/respirators, and more.

Ventilator Application

  • Stepper Motor
  • Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Connectors
  • Gauges 
  • Pumps

Smalley's Advantage

Spirolox Retaining Rings Unique configuration providing a low radial profile, reliability, and convenience.

  • No Ears to Interfere® with undesired components
  • No lugs, ideal for tight radial applications
  • No gap, providing 360° retaining surface for even load distribution
  • Coiled, not stamped, reducing scrap costs and providing greater design flexibility
  • Improved aesthetic appearance, smoothly blending into your application
  • Safe and easy installation requiring no special tools
  • Groove interchangeable with stamped rings

Wave SpringsOptimize space by providing the same spring force as an ordinary compression spring, but at a reduced operating height.

  • Reduce spring height by up to 50% when used to replace an ordinary compression spring
  • Compact design fits tight radial and axial spaces
  • Light-weight assembly with a smaller spring cavity, saving production time and material costs
  • Accurate and predictable load(s) toleranced at specific working height(s)
  • Design flexibility, quick and economical customization with edgewinding process


Medical Capabilities and Materials

Standard or Custom

Choose from over 10,000 standard parts stocked in carbon and stainless steel, or utilize Smalley's unique Edgewinding process to manufacture custom parts quickly and economically.

From prototypes to production volumes, we are able to manufacture parts in medical-grade alloys, including surgical 316 Stainless Steel, Elgiloy, and implantable Titanium. 

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