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Learn the science behind settling velocities

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Learn the science behind settling velocities in a grit removal system for wastewater treatment in this quick two minute industry update.

Settling velocity is pretty simple, it measures the distance over time a particle will take to settle in water. Let’s take a quick look at this video comparing clean sand versus wastewater grit particle settling rates. As you can see from this video, both clean sand and wastewater grit settle at the same rate and organic “coatings” do not affect grit settling velocity. Now let’s take a quick look at how grit travels in a system when hydraulics are used rather than settling. This underwater footage was taken on a go pro in a 4 million gallon per day test tank for a forced vortex grit removal system with v-force baffle. As you can see, when hydraulics are used in a grit removal system, settling is no longer a factor. Notice how the grit travels as a moving bed across the floor and into the grit hopper. There is no settling action here. Hydraulic forces push the grit particles to the center for entrapment. To quickly recap: Settling velocity is distance over time a particle takes to settle Clean sand and wastewater grit have the same settling rate Hydraulics override settling velocities when applying a flat floor vortex tank design Hydraulics move grit to the desired location


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Learn the science behind settling velocities