NEW!! RAPIDJACK™ Quick Clean Check Valve.

Featured Product from Smith & Loveless, Inc.

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Smith & Loveless has revolutionized wafer check valve maintenance with the new RAPIDJACK. Clearing wafer check valves of stringy materials and obstructions will now take 15 minutes or less with the new RAPIDJACK.

Today's consumer products promote flushing more and more things down the toilet...¦this is causing clogs. And Operators know that unclogging a valve can be quite a messy, labor-intensive process.

The RAPIDJACK solves most of these issues, allowing you to get back to pumping faster, with a simple three-step process.... remove, clean and replace. This is possible thanks to the improved design that maintains the smaller lay length of a wafer check valve while keeping the valve body in the piping during maintenance, like larger full body check valves.

Designed for quick removal, just 4 bolts allow the clapper system to be removed while the RAPIDJACK valve body remains in the piping. Simply remove the obstruction, reinsert the RAPIDJACK clapper system and the four bolts and go!

Smith & Loveless has done what no other company has been able to engineer, the revolutionary new RAPIDJACK wafer check valve.

4 Easy Steps to Quickly Clean Your RAPIDJACK Check Valve

  • 1 Remove 4 Bolts amd 1 Spring
  • 2 Lift the clapper system of the valve, remove debris.
  • 3 Replace valve, bolts & spring
  • 4) Get back to pumping


Option 1: Part The RAPIDJACK can be purchased as a standalone part that inserts into new piping layouts or can replace valves measuring 5"lay length.

Option 2: Piping Skid Many Smith & Loveless pump stations require a new piping skid to insert the RAPIDJACK because the lay length of the RAPIDJACK is a little more than a standard wafer check valve. Smith & Loveless can review each pump station's piping layout and determine what piping modifications are required. In many cases two spool pieces, two RAPIDJACK check valves, and a 3-way plug valve will be required.

Option 3: SST Baseplate/Piping Upgrade Many Smith & Loveless pump stations have been in service more than 25 years. With time, wear occurs. By upgrading to the SST Baseplate/Piping option that features the RAPIDJACKcheck valve, cities can reuse rotating assemblies and control panels and have an upgraded pump station with the latest features for a cost effective price. This option features the SST DURO-LAST baseplate featuring a 25-year warranty. Additionally, this is available in the EVERLAST's 1-piece and 2-piece hood designs, with additional features that include the Pump Failure Alarm, Hood Lift Assist (if the one piece hood is selected), wet well Cord manager, 2 new vacuum pumps on raised shelf, 2-piece manway to the wet well entrance, and RAPIDJACK.

Option 4: EVERLAST Pump Station with RAPIDJACK. The premier option is a new EVERLASTPump Station with the RAPIDJAC Engineered for flexibility, every EVERLASTpump station's piping arrangement has the room to add the RAPIDJACK when originally purchased or at a later date.