Low Smoke, Zero-Halogen Sensor insulated cable

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Smith Systems, Inc. now offers Dual and Single Channel Speed Probes with Low Smoke, Zero-Halogen insulated cable and cable protecting conduit. This conduit provides impact protection superior to that of traditional flexible stainless steel, weighs less and is ingress protection rated to IP 68. Multiple sizes and fittings are available. Our standard dual and single channel sensor designs are qualified to European and North American mass transit standards for EMI, vibration and mechanical shock.

Smith Systems' sensors are an accepted standard for many transit OEM and aftermarket applications. Call or e-mail us to discuss customizing options for your applications.

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  • XP12003 - M10 X 1 Inch (Thread Type), 25 min (Output Voltage - Peak to Peak, 325 ohm Resistance
  • XP12005 - 5/8-18 UNF-2A Inch (Thread Type), 40 min (Output Voltage - Peak to Peak, 220 ohm Resistance
  • XP12007 - 3/4-20 UNEF-2A Inch (Thread Type), 38 min (Output Voltage - Peak to Peak, 190 ohm Resistance
  • XP12008 - M18 X 1.5 Inch (Thread Type), 38 min (Output Voltage - Peak to Peak, 190 ohm Resistance

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Smith Systems, Inc. is a company committed to meeting your unique requirements. We are here to assist with your integration of sensors into end products and systems. Whether the use is in process controls, aircraft gas turbine engines, critical speed controls and braking systems of rail cars, or in remote unmanned pumping and power generating stations. Smith Systems, Inc. can provide cost effective sensor solutions to meet your special application needs with quality and reliability designed into them.

Smith Systems extensive Transportation and Aerospace Products and Capabilities (click below for additional information):

About Smith Systems, Inc.

Smith Systems, Inc. is a privately owned manufacturer of sensors for speed, motion and temperature, as well as controls, custom instrumentation, cabling and harnessing associated with these devices. Our capabilities range from commercial standards (found in assembly and process machinery), to the high reliability devices used in aerospace applications, to durable products for reliable performance in harsh environments.

We are a qualified source for flight hardware and have supplied products for civilian, military applications and space flight. These products are designed to survive high vibration and extremes of thermal and mechanical shock.

Smith Systems, Inc. is a primary supplier of these environmentally protected products to railcar OEMs, transit authorities and private rail operators. Our products monitor axle speed as feedback for anti-skid braking control, journal bearing temperature, other fluid and gas temperatures, and other speed inputs for various aspects of train control. These products endure the worst of operating conditions - the underside of a railcar.