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Smith Systems features active speed sensors

Featured Product from Smith Systems, Inc.

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Smith Systems, Inc features 3 types of active speed sensors:

  • Standard Digital Speed Sensor
  • Zero Speed Sensors
  • Proximity Speed Sensors

The standard digital sensors are passive sensors with integrated signal conditioning for operation in the 5 to 30 KHz range. Zero speed sensors utilize a special sensing element for operation in the 0 to 20 KHz range and for wide air gaps. Proximity sensors are used for detecting ferrous and non-ferrous metal. The typical operating frequency range for a proximity sensor is 0 to 2 KHz.

Smith Digi-Tran ® speed sensors are available in a variety of housing configurations and terminations. Housing configurations to accommodate applications with high pressure and fluid submersion are available. These sensors are designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of temperatures and are resistant to oil, dirt and moisture.