Thermistor Sensor probes, Temperature probes

Product Announcement from Smith Systems, Inc.

Thermo-Tran High Reliability Temperature thermistor sensor probes are available in a variety of configurations from Smith Systems.

Temperature Sensor Technologies Used:

  • Thermo-Fuse Probes
  • Thermostat Probes
  • Thermistor Sensor Probes
  • Thermocouple Probes
  • RTD Probes

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Our experience ranges from high-reliability turbine exhaust gas temperature probes to freeze sensors that protect instruments and equipment from sub-freezing temperatures.

If your temperature sensor application cannot be satisfied by any of our pictured models, contact us with your requirements, and let Smith Systems, Inc. design a product to meet your unique specifications.

Smith Systems, Inc. is a company committed to meeting your unique requirements. We are here to assist with your integration of sensors into end products and systems. Whether the use is in process controls, aircraft gas turbine engines, critical speed controls and braking systems of rail cars, or in remote unmanned pumping and power generating stations. Smith Systems, Inc. can provide cost effective sensor solutions to meet your special application needs with quality and reliability designed into them.

Why Smith Systems?

  • Specialists in difficult applications
  • The premium manufacturer of OEM and after market
  • Proven in-service reliability
  • Factory direct sales and engineering support
  • Competitive pricing and on-time delivery
  • Mission Statement

    Smith Systems, an innovative manufacturer of state-of-the-art sensing products serving the world marketplace, dedicated to customer satisfaction, employee growth and community enhancement

    Customer Satisfaction

    Smith Systems, firmly committed to the philosophy that quality and reliability make a product cost effective. To that end, Smith Systems, not only concerned with customer wants, but customer needs and customer satisfaction. We are committed to service by providing the most reliable product possible.