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New D04 connectors - high density and cycle life

Featured Product from Smiths Interconnect

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By increasing the contact density of connectors, design engineers can improve performance while maintaining size and minimizing additional weight. High density connectors enable critical medical devices to remain ergonomic and easy-to operate for healthcare providers. Medical applications requiring high-performance, such as electrophysiological mapping and ablation of arrythmias, and intravascular and cardiac imaging, are typical examples of applications that require high-density electrical connectors.

The new D04 connectors leverage the versatility of the D Series to deliver a reliable interconnect solution for applications that require high density, high cycle life and ease of assembly.

Smiths Interconnect’s D series was previously available in 2 standard sizes with contact count ranging from 3 to 25. Thanks to the addition of the new D04 connectors, the series now includes a high-density configuraton able to offer high contact count, up to 10,000  cycles, ease of use and verifed electrical performance. Using a pin and socket configuration, the new D04 connector has an insulation resistance greater than 5000 MOhm at 500 VDC. Thanks to this additional configuration, the D-Series meets the electrical requirements of EIA-364-05 to 70 Test Procedures (Electronic Industries Alliance) and uses low resistance pin and socket technology, which is an advantage over their spring probe counterparts.

“To address the demanding segment of the ablation catheters, we have developed a high-density solution featuring 82 contacts that complements our D Series of proven high reliability circular connectors specifically designed for critical medical applications” says Mark Kelleher, VP and General Manager of the Connectors Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. 
 The new D04 connectors have been designed and tested to provide: 

  • High-density connectors with 82 positions standard: no comparable competition in the marketplace for critical medical applications
  • Touch-Proof: safe and reliable due to push-button quick disconnect and finger proofing isolator.
  • Ease of assembly due to the D shape layout: shape of the connector and receptacle housings significantly reduces capacity for incorrect mating 
  • Ergonomics: designed for one handed mating and de-mating
  • High confidence in OEM device qualification testing thanks to the qualification tests performed on the new D04.
  • Custom solutions can be created based on the needs and specifications of specific devices, including the capability to support over 120 contact positions.