Accelerated UV Exposure Simulator

Product Announcement from Solar Light Company, Inc.

Accelerated UV Exposure Simulator-Image


UV exposure at the UVB 280 - 320 nm and UVA 320 - 400 nm range is the ultraviolet light that causes degradation of materials. The 16S can output either UVA only or UVA + UVB. Using a 3cm spot output the 16S can simulate 1 years worth of UV in only 7 days. With a 1 cm spot output the 16S can simulate 1 years worth of UV in 24 hours.

The intensity of the 16S's output can be controlled by adjustment knobs on each port and from the power supply. Full intensity ranges from 500 to 700 J/m2 per minute but the intensity can be tuned down to 1 J/m2 per minute. Solar Light solar simulators are used in testing laboratories globally and meet the latest ASTM, COLIPA, JCIA, and FDA spectral irradiance standards.

The 16S accurately replicate the suns UV. The 16S meets the latest standards for laboratory light sources by ASTM including G151 and G155 standards.

In the Ultraviolet configuration, the visible and infrared light is eliminated from its output. UV levels 20-30 times stronger than tropical sun can be produced without the thermal component associated with these high levels light. This allows testing to be accomplished without damaging the sample due to heat.