Photovoltaic Cell Testing Solar Simulator - 16S

Product Announcement from Solar Light Company, Inc.

Photovoltaic Cell Testing Solar Simulator - 16S -Image

The 16S is a turn key PV Cell testing solar simulator. The single output of the 16S-300-002 produces full spectrum sunlight (AM1.5) and is a class "A" spectrum solar simulator. The 16S-300-002 comes with a vertical beam adapter that redirects the light beam to point downward. The spot size is typically 2.25 inches with an 1 sun output intensity.

By varying the current using the control knob on the power supply, the intensity can be varied between 80 and 100% of maximum. The intensity can be varied further from 10% and 100% with the optional "Attenuation Kit" available from Solar Light Co.

> Optional PMA2100 Radiometer and PMA2144 Class II Pyranometer to measure simulator output
> UV and Air Mass 0, 1.5 spectra available