Rectangular Air Bearings from Specialty Components

Product Announcement from Specialty Components, Inc.

Linear air bearings provide translation in a plane and are commonly found in supports for coordinate measuring machines, semiconductor pick-and-place machinery, gantry systems, micromachining centers, zero-gravity simulators, etc. Specialty Components, Inc.'s air bearings exhibit frictionless motion under static or high speed conditions and are orders of magnitude more accurate than even the finest mechanical rolling element type bearings.

They are made in a variety of shapes and configurations including round and rectangular, with or without vacuum or magnetic preload. Different types may be combined with spherical and/or cylindrical air bearings to achieve multiaxis frictionless motion. Load capacities range from 1 kg to 10,000 kg. Housing materials may include: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, glass, nickel, invar, Macor, PEEK, ceramic, graphite, carbon and others.

Available in both porous surface and discrete inlets. Flying heights of bearings with discrete inlet sources are more similar from bearing to bearing and they are better suited for use in clean room environments. Porous surface air bearings have better resistance to damage and misuse and they have a slightly higher load capacity for a given size; now with TRUEHeight ™ technology.

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