On Site Oil Analysis for Predictive Maintenance

Featured Product from AMETEK Spectro Scientific

AMETEK Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel and processed-water analysis instrumentation and software, expanded its cloud-based TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence Platform with two standalone versions — TruVu 360 Basic and TruVu 360 Pro — both of which can be installed on a customer’s local PC or corporate server.

The software integrates Spectro Scientific’s oil analysis hardware with data acquisition, reporting and information management software, including an expert system that provides automatic diagnostics, an intelligence dashboard and recommendations for action.

TruVu 360 Basic is engineered for use with one Spectro Scientific MiniLab on-site oil analysis system for a single user. The software is installed on a non-networked local PC and is ideal for any small reliability team implementing an on-site oil analysis program. TruVu 360 Pro, also intended for use with one MiniLab system, can be installed on a company network server. It features multiple user licenses, which include site user, operator and reader privileges. The software also provides email notifications about the oil analysis report.

Together with the original TruVu 360 Cloud version, customers can now choose between TruVu 360 configurations that match their companies’ individual IT policies, allowing ease of operation, simplified and fast work flow, an adaptive rules engine and high-quality oil analysis reports.

New TruVu 360 Basic and Pro configurations for local installs!

A Holistic Approach to On-site Oil Analysis

AMETEK Spectro Scientific's TruVu 360™ Enterprise Fluid Intelligence simplifies and streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, so high-quality information and actionable intelligence leads to effective decision making.

  • Closes the gap between recommendations on the oil analysis report, maintenance actions taken and findings for continuous improvement
  • Offers an intelligence dashboard so management has visibility into the effectiveness of the global program

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