Reduce Maintenance Costs of Engine Generator Sets

Featured Product from AMETEK Spectro Scientific

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What do a hospital, a treatment plant, a police station and a remote mine have in common? They have essential assets requiring uninterruptible power, commonly powered by an engine generator as primary or back up power.

Engine generators, often termed “gen sets,” combine an electrical generator and an engine. They supply electrical power where normal utility power is not readily available or is unstable. Gen sets are used for temporary power demands and are often mounted on trailers or transportable skids.

Portable, handheld oil analysis tools are now widely available and can be used to extend oil drain intervals and reduce routine costs. These tools are getting a boost with the recently amended US EPA NESHAP rules for emergency backup gen sets. The new rules allow condition based oil drain intervals, so asset owners can realize the benefits of oil analysis.

This paper from AMETEK Spectro Scientific (.pdf) outlines the challenges and solutions available to portable/emergency gen set owners who have incurred the cost of time based oil changes.