Spiralock Captive Washer Nut

Product Announcement from Stanley Engineered Fastening - Spiralock

Spiralock Captive Washer Nut-Image

In addition to the basic benefits of the unique Spiralock thread such as vibration loosening resistance, reusability, elimination of secondary locking devices, improvement in quality and joint fatigue life and reduction of costs, the Spiralock self-locking captive washer nut offers the following advantages:

  • controlled friction on the bearing surface to guarantee a tight fit regardless of surface finish of the mating component
  • reduction of tightening friction (k-factor) to yield more clamp load
  • protection of the bearing surface from tightening damage

Spiralock captive washer nuts are popular in terminal connection applications in aerospace and are offered in various sizes.

Nut: Alloy Steel with Cadmium Plate
Washer: Carbon Steel with Dry Film Lube