What years of materials testing have revealed

Service Detail from Spiroflow Systems, Inc.

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Terry Mason has been Spiroflow’s Test Bay Manager for 12 years. As Terry will confirm, the importance of testing cannot be underestimated. Using our analysis lab we will test your product to see the angle of repose, flowability and bulk density (to name a few), which will help us choose the best application for your product.

Describe the importance of product feasibility honesty v’s sales?

Once an application has been quoted for, I see it as my responsibility to find potential issues with the proposal and provide solutions. My previous experience in production and maintenance means that I fully understand and appreciate the ramifications further down the engineering line of not highlighting problems early on. By being honest about what will and will not work, means that I am not wasting customers’ time on a solution that could ultimately fail and prove costly for both parties.

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