Fastening & Assembly Solutions

Service Detail from SPIROL

Innovative fastening solutions. Lower assembly costs.

We begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the requirements of the application from hole size, component materials and environmental exposure to performance expectations, assembly methods and cost requirements. Our application engineers will work with you as alternative approaches are considered in relationship to the total assembly objectives. Building on our experience, this shared and gained knowledge can shorten design and development time and improve application performance.

We will provide the optimum recommendation to these requirements in a professional report with samples, peformance and test results and an installation equipment proposal when required. Our sales and service organizations will advise the best approach to secure the most competitive price and support your delivery and other commercial requirements. When personal visits are required, we will bring these resources to your facility.

In the end, we design, produce and deliver on time, the highest quality products in the industry...and follow through to ensure your total satisfaction. We stand behind our work...our products...and our service.