NEW SPIROL Compression Limiters Design Guide

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SPIROL offers nine standard series of Compression Limiters to accommodate different compressive loads, positional tolerances and installation methods.  SPIROL’s Series CL200 and CL350 split seam Limiters are produced with flexible diameters to compensate wide hole tolerances.  The Series CL400 Oval Press-In Compression Limiter accommodates up to 2.25mm extra clearance on one axis, providing additional flexibility over round Limiters for centerline and stack-up tolerancing.

The Series CL500 Molded-In Compression Limiter is produced with a butted-seam to prevent plastic from entering the inner diameter during the molding process.  The Series CL460 Series Oval Molded-In is similar to the oval series CL400, but, similar to the CL500, produced with a butted-seam so as to prevent plastic from entering the inner diameter during the molding process.

The Series CL600, CL601, CL800 and CL801 machined Compression Limiters can all be either pressed in or molded into the assembly.  The CL600 is machined from aluminum which is lightweight, strong and lead free.  The CL601 headed aluminum Limiter is the same as the Series CL600, with the addition of a head. The CL800 is machined from brass.  The applications for SPIROL’s brass and aluminum Compression Limiters are very similar, however, to accommodate the same class/grade bolt, the brass Limiters have a larger wall thickness due to the material’s lower yield strength.  The CL801 headed brass Compression Limiters are the same as the CL800 with the addition of a head.