SPIROL Introduces New Ground Hollow Dowel

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SPIROL International Corporation is pleased to announce the release of a new innovative lightweight product to achieve precision alignment. SPIROL's new Series GD100 Ground Hollow Dowels are designed to be a direct replacement for Ground Solid Dowels manufactured per ISO 8734 when used in alignment applications. The Series GD100 is manufactured from strip steel, and then OD ground to achieve extremely tight diameter tolerances that enables critical alignment up to 20µm.

The main advantage of the new GD100 Ground Hollow Dowel is that one can achieve the same alignment as with Ground Solid Dowels with a substantial reduction in cost. In most scenarios, the GD100 Ground Hollow Dowel is at least 30% less expensive. In addition, the weight of the Hollow Dowel is approximately 50% less. This translates into lighter assemblies, and a significant cost savings over Ground Solid Dowels.

The Series GD100 supplements SPIROL's Coiled Pins and Alignment Bushings that are also used for alignment. This new precision line is offered in five standard diameters: Ø6, Ø8, Ø10, Ø12 and Ø16mm. Special sizes can be designed upon request.

When required, the GD100 line can be case hardened for wear resistance, or manufactured from heat treated, high carbon steel for improved shear strength.

Here are the specifications for the new GD100: https://www.spirol.com/library/sub_catalogs/bush-GD100_Specifications_us.pdf

Take advantage of SPIROL's complimentary Applications Engineering support on your next alignment application. SPIROL Engineers will review your application needs and work with your design team to recommend the best solution at the lowest total installed cost. It all starts with our Optimal Application Engineering process. To start the process, click on this link to access the Alignment Applications section of their Optimal Application Engineering portal: https://www.spirol.com/mkt/oae/?oae=126

Download the 3D drawings of SPIROL's Series GD100 Ground Hollow Dowels here.