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Deep Groove Ball Bearings Open type

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DGBB are composed of four basic parts, including inner ring, outer ring, steel ball and cage. Under normal operating conditions, the inner raceway, the outer raceway and the steel balls bear the load, and the cage separates the steel balls and maintains stability. Single-row radial DGBB have simple structure with no separation of inner rings and outer rings, that is easy to use. DGBB are the most widely used type of bearings in the machinery industry with a wide range of applications such as precision instrument, low-noise motor, automobile, motorcycle, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, electromechanical equipment, and plastic machinery, office equipment, medical equipment, fitness machinery, national defense industry, aviation, aerospace and sports equipment, general machinery and so on.

DGBB are mainly used to bear radial load, but can also bear a certain amount of axial load. When increasing the radial clearance of the bearing, it has the properties of a radial thrust bearing and can withstand larger axial loads. This type of bearing can limit axial movement in two directions. According to the size of the clearance, the inner and outer rings are allowed to be relatively inclined by 8' to 16'. In addition, since the friction torque of DGBB is smaller than that of other types of bearings, DGBB are more suitable for high-speed operating conditions.