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Double row angular contact ball bearing

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Design features
Double-row angular contact ball bearings can withstand large radial loads mainly radial and axial combined loads and moment loads, limiting the axial displacement of the shaft in both directions. Mainly used to limit the shaft and shell bi-directional axial displacement of the components.
For example: SKF double row angular contact ball bearings in the design and two back-to-back arrangement of single row contact ball bearings similar, but the width is slightly narrower than two single row bearings. Better rigidity compared to single row bearings

Structure Classification
(1) Type A bearings with outside diameter less than or equal to 90mm are of standard design. There is no ball loading notch, so it can withstand equal bi-directional axial loads. Lightweight glass fibre reinforced nylon 66 cages are used, and the temperature rise of the bearings is very small.
(2) Type B standard design for bearings with an outside diameter greater than 90 mm. One side has a ball loading notch and is equipped with a steel sheet stamping cage or a solid brass cage.
(3)Type C is a reinforced structure with a ball loading notch on one side, which can be loaded with more steel balls and therefore has a higher load carrying capacity.
(4) Both sides with dust cover type and both sides with seal type A type design and C type design of double row angular contact ball bearings can both sides with dust cover (non-contact) or seal (contact). The sealed bearings are filled with rust-proof lithium grease and operate at temperatures generally ranging from -30 to +110°C. The bearings can be used for a wide range of applications. They do not need to be relubricated during use and should not be heated or cleaned before installation.

Scope of application
Compared with single row angular contact ball bearings, double row angular contact ball bearings have better rigidity and can withstand tilting moments. The bearings are non-separable. Especially suitable for applications with high rigidity requirements. Widely used in front wheel hubs of small cars (some models also use double row tapered roller bearings of the same size)

Performance characteristics
Double row angular contact ball bearing inner and outer ring between the tiltability is limited, the allowable tilt angle depends on the internal clearance of the bearing, bearing size, internal design and act on the bearing on the force and torque, and the maximum allowable tilt angle should be to ensure that the bearing will not produce excessive additional stress.
If there is a tilt angle between the inner and outer rings of the bearings, it will affect the life of the bearings, and at the same time cause the bearing running accuracy to decrease and the running noise to increase. Double row angular contact ball bearings generally use nylon cage or brass entity cage. Double row angular contact ball bearing installation should pay attention to, although the bearing can withstand two-way axial load, but if one side of the loading ball notch, should pay attention to do not let the main axial load through the notch side of the groove edge. In the use of bearings should pay attention to the side of the raceway without ball loading notch to bear the main load.