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Housed Spherical Bearings: Precision & Versatility

Featured Product from Splendor Industrial Bearing Co., Ltd.

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Housed spherical bearings are the cornerstone of reliable machinery, offering precision, durability, and application-specific advantages. Discover our diverse range of bearings, categorized to meet your exact requirements.

1. Top Wire Outer Spherical Ball Bearings (UC Series)

  • Code: UC200 (Light) & UC300 (Heavy)
  • Tailored to your environment: UC200 for small-scale, UC300 for heavy-duty.
  • 120° angle design ensures a secure and stable shaft connection.
  • Widely employed in textile and ceramic machinery and various manufacturing sectors.

2. Tapered Outer Spherical Ball Bearings (UK Series)

  • Code: UK200 & UK300 Series
  • Designed with a 1:12 taper bore for use with tightening sleeves.
  • Unmatched load-bearing capacity, outperforming conventional spherical bearings.
  • Allows for precise inner diameter selection, optimizing fit and performance.

3. Eccentric Sleeve Outer Spherical Ball Bearings (UEL and SA Series)

  • Code: UEL200, UEL300, and SA200 Series
  • Tailored for the demanding conditions of agricultural machinery.
  • Unique eccentric sleeve design mitigates strong vibrations, reducing wear and tear.
  • Perfect for applications with high levels of beating.

Select the ideal housed spherical bearing that aligns with your specific needs, whether it's for precise shaft cooperation, robust load-bearing, or vibration reduction. Elevate your machinery's performance with these exceptional bearing solutions. Get in touch to find the perfect fit for your application.