Industrial reducer bearings

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A.     Full complement cylindrical roller bearings
Full complement cylindrical roller bearings are specially designed bearings used in special industrial gearboxes such as planetary gearboxes for construction machinery, which have no cage and more rollers than traditional bearings, thus enabling the bearings to withstand greater radial loads.
High precision: high machining accuracy, dimensional accuracy and rotational accuracy up to P5 grade.
High fatigue life: the fatigue life of the bearings is increased by adopting special heat treatment.
High load carrying capacity: the bearing has a compact structure, large rolling area, saves installation space, and is able to resist larger deformation and vibration. Bearing bearing capacity is large.
B.       Spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings are suitable for working conditions subject to high radial and axial loads as well as vibration and shock loads. They are commonly used in heavy industrial gearboxes, vibrating screens, crushers and other equipment.
Misalignment and deviation: Due to the outer spherical surface of the outer ring of the spherical roller bearings, axial deviation and angular deviation within a certain range can be allowed.
Self-aligning ability: Spherical roller bearings have good self-aligning ability, which can automatically adjust the relative position of the shaft and housing to reduce the stress and friction on the shaft, providing better performance and life.
High load carrying capacity: increase the coincidence rate of roller and raceway, increase the effective contact length of roller and raceway in axial direction, improve the bearing capacity.
Good sealing: Equipped with sealing ring or sealing device, it can prevent dust, moisture and other pollutants from entering into the bearings and prolong the service life.
Friction resistance is small: outer ring raceway, inner ring raceway and roller roughness reasonable matching, reduce friction resistance, is conducive to bearing high speed and low temperature rise.
C.       Tapered roller bearings
Tapered roller bearings have the characteristics and advantages of high rigidity, long service life, adaptable to angular deviation, etc. They are especially suitable for the complex working conditions of high load and high speed.
High load: tapered roller bearings can withstand large radial and axial loads, suitable for large industrial gearboxes and heavy machinery and equipment.
High speed: With separated design, rolling friction and heat generation can be reduced by optimised roller shape and angular contact line during high speed rotation.
Adjustable clearance: Tapered roller bearings have an adjustable design of inner and outer rings, which can meet different working requirements by adjusting the mounting clearance.
High rigidity: the structure is more complex, the contact area between the roller and the raceway is large, with high rigidity and stability, can withstand large loads.
Long life: with separated design, the contact area between rollers and raceways is even, reducing contact stress and friction, and prolonging the service life of bearings.
D.      Deep groove ball bearings for industrial speed reducers
Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in industrial speed reducers, especially suitable for working conditions with high speed and small load. For example, light transmission equipment, motors, fans, pumps and so on.
Simple structure: deep groove ball bearings are composed of inner and outer rings, rolling bodies, cages and seals, with compact and simple structure.
Strong bearing capacity: has a large radial bearing capacity and a certain axial bearing capacity.
High speed: deep groove ball bearing adopts the design of small contact angle, which can meet the demand of high speed rotation.
Smooth operation: the design of deep groove ball bearing makes the rotation friction coefficient small, less friction heat, smooth and reliable operation.
Easy installation and maintenance: deep groove ball bearings can be installed on the shaft and shell, easy to disassemble and maintain.