Super precision machine tool spindle bearings

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Machine tool spindle with cylindrical roller bearings commonly used structure type and size series is NNU49, NN30 and N10. NNU type, NN type, N type bearings have a set of rings, can not bear the axial load, only as a floating end bearing.

??The inner diameter of this bearing can be machined into a cylinder or cone, suffix K table taper for 1:12, installation can be adjusted according to the need of bearing radial clearance.

??Precision cylindrical roller bearings for machine tool shafts are: NNU4916~ NNU 4956~ NNU4956K~NNu4956K, NN 3005~NN3056 K,N1008K~N1024K,NN3005K-NN3056K, etc.

??Double row cylindrical roller bearings are usually solid brass seat rings guided by rollers, while single row cylindrical roller bearings N type are usually made of GRPA plastic, also available in PEEK or solid brass. Precision cylindrical roller bearings are calibrated to an accuracy of SP.