Adjustable Racking | Industrial Shelving

Product Announcement from Stanley Vidmar

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For the storage and retrieval of large, bulky items too heavy to be moved by hand, Stanley® Vidmar® adjustable racking is your most versatile solution! Both designed to provide easy, single-operator access, our STAK System® and adjustable racking system provide the opportunity for true customized floor-to-ceiling storage. And with open frame designs, both heavy-duty systems allow full visibility of stored items at all times, making it easy to quickly locate the items you need to retrieve!

STAK System®
Don't wait for a forklift! With the Stanley® Vidmar® STAK System®, one operator can handle loads weighing up to 4,000 lbs.! The STAK System® is so efficient and it can fully operate in as little as 250 square feet!

Adjustable Racking System
Add total flexibility to your organization! The Stanley® Vidmar® adjustable racking system allows efficient storage of items of varying size and weight. Racking can be easily expanded as your needs change!

STAK System® and adjustable racking system accessories include everything from storage add-ons, specialized pallets, tire storage feature and tub kits to safety mesh, wire baskets, and transport tables!

Ban-Air Adjustable Rack System
Pallets within the Ban-Air Adjustable Rack System are completely removable with a standard forklift, allowing variable pallet configurations in 6-inch height increments! Never store air again!