Power Generation Utilities Storage

Product Announcement from Stanley Vidmar

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In the high-pressure world of power generation and utilities, there's never a break in the action. There's also never a time for storage that can't keep up with your rigorous demands. That's where Stanley Vidmar comes in.

  • Can be custom-designed around the exact needs of every segment of your business
  • A long list of products that will accommodate storage and retrieval for items of any size or shape
  • Greatly reduce the amount of space you need for storage without limiting the amount of materials you can store
  • High-density storage cabinets utilize every inch of your available storage space, with none of the open, wasted space that comes with traditional open shelving units
  • Store the equivalent of five open shelving units of material in just two Vidmar storage cabinets!
  • All drawers can hold up to 400 lbs., even when fully extended!
  • Cabinets are backed by our lifetime guarantee!

Maintenance Storage & Tool Room

Create workstations that are organized, keep specialty tools close at hand, and maximize employee efficiency.

  • Extreme space savings
  • Store up to five times as much material than traditional shelving in half the space
  • Custom drawer configurations designed around individual tools
  • Super-tough storage components stand up to the most brutal working conditions
  • Drawers that can hold up to 400 lbs., even when fully extended
  • Custom storage components, both modular and mobile, positioned exactly where you need them most
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee

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Bulk Storage

Whatever your heaviest, most awkward-sized parts storage needs are, Stanley Vidmar has the high-density answer. Our adjustable racking and vertical lift systems provide maximum storage in a minimal footprint, affording more room for your manufacturing efforts.

  • Organization and protection of inventory combined with speed and space savings
  • Captive lifting and handling device that saves space and time while boosting productivity
  • Ideal for work-in-process, maintenance, and other applications
  • Narrower aisle requirements than those required by a forklift

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Parts Storage

Organization-it's the key to any well-run business. To be organized (and stay organized), you need the power of an efficient storage system on your side. You need the power of Stanley Vidmar.

Our customers all know the same thing-Stanley Vidmar builds super-tough storage components that can be custom-built in an infinite number of configurations.

  • Keep the parts you need most where you need them-whether it's at an issue counter or stored in the shop
  • Custom-configured around your business-from cabinet sizing, to drawer configurations, to your entire storage system layout
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee

Power generation storage components include:

  • Modular Storage Cabinets
  • Mobile Storage Cabinets
  • Adjustable Racking Systems
  • Vertical Lift Systems
  • Mezzanine Systems
  • Toolboxes

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