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Custom Modular Connectors for AGVs

Featured Product from Staubli Electrical Connectors

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If mobile robots can not reliably and repeatedly plug themselves in, they are not as useful in automated environments. To solve this challenge, engineers often design fixtures to eliminate sources of error; for example, by including features such as alignment pins or channels to ensure connectors are lined up correctly as the robot makes the connection. In cases where a custom plate or fixture must be designed to make the off-the-shelf connector hardware work, a fully custom connector is often worth considering.

Companies with technical sales and support staff who have the expertise to support customers as they solve problems deliver considerable value in times of crisis compared to vendors who sell the product and quickly disappear.

When your dry-break hydraulic connector leaks, do you want to be able to call the vendor and have them help you solve the problem, or would you rather refer to sparse product documentation and figure it out alone?

Stäubli Electrical Connectors are experts in this area, and are leading the way for reliable and durable AGV connectors, they have the resources to partner with you on your exisiting or upcoming project.

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