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Servomotors from Stearns are compact, spring-set, power-off brakes.  They're designed to provide dynamic braking and holding of a driven load.  Stearns brakes are engineered with precision to ensure low backlash.  Minimalist design has been prioritized, resulting in low numbers of moving parts.  Components are constructed with low-inertia materials to ensure fast actuation.

Application examples include: conveyors, small wheeled vehicles (forklifts/lift trucks or AGVs – Automated guided vehicles, overhead doors, gates, and electrical motion control system

Product specs for both of our servomotor brake lines can be found below:

AAB 310 Series:

  • IEC Frame: 1.79 - 5.0
  • Torque (lb-in): 8 - 350
  • Nm: .9 - 39.5
  • Enclosure: None - Open brake

AAB 311 Series:

  • IEC Frame: 3.38 - 5.0
  • Torque (lb-in): 75 - 400
  • Nm: 8 - 45
  • Enclosure: None - Open brake

For full product specs and documentation, please visit our associated product link.