Noise Control Curtains from Steel Guard

Product Announcement from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

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Noise Control Curtains from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

Protect Your Staff from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Keep Your Workplace Ambient Noise Below 85 db OSHA Requirements and Avoid Costly Audio Metric Testing and Work Force Training.

Did you know that industrial noise can cause hearing loss at levels as low as 85 decibels (the level of city traffic noise)?

And high noise levels in the workplace lead to…

  • Loss of Concentration
  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Reduced Productivity
  • Long-Term Hearing Loss

Steel Guard Safety Sound Shield™ Noise Curtains solve the work place problem of high decibel industrial noise by absorbing and blocking reverberations from

  • HVAC
  • blowers
  • compressors
  • large machinery

Steel Guard Sound Proof Curtains can absorb this dangerous sound and act as an effective sound barrier in these and many other applications

  • In-Plant Noise Control Dividers
  • Sound Proof Curtains & Enclosures
  • Acoustical Curtain Dividers
  • Heavy Machine Enclosures
  • Compressor, & Blower Housing
  • Stamping Press Enclosures
  • Noise Reverberation Control
  • Sound Proofing Wall Panels

Custom Designed for Your Application. Track systems can be designed to house soundproof enclosure curtains and most any configuration can be custom manufactured to your specifications. (call for details)

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