Steel Guard's Serpent Seal S-90 Dock Seal

Product Announcement from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

Steel Guard's Serpent Seal S-90 Dock Seal-Image

The Serpent-Seal™ S-90 Dock Seal is Steel Guard's hybrid "Dock Seal & Shelter-In-One", giving your dock access to a variety of trailer sizes and lift gates, while still providing a tight seal to keep temperature controlled air inside your facility and the elements outside.

  • 90 Degree Foam Side Members - give you a tight-seal for common 8' or 8'-6" wide trailers giving you access to full loads with no obstruction.

  • Use the S90 in Drive-Through Docks - where trailer doors open from the inside.

  • Double-Layered Reinforced Side Members - Two layers of heavy-duty fabric(vinyl/hypalon) is sewn over the front and the interior sides of the dock seal for extra protection against wear and a longer life.

  • Steel Guard Pleats - allow for a longer life span by effectively stopping wear for when the trailer moves "up" and "down" on the dock seal from forklift access and weight fluctuation. (Optional)

  • Curtain Head Member – Standard on all S-90 Dock Seals to accommodate varying truck heights. A galvanized steel rod, plus end gaps help keep the head member in place.

  • Foam Head Member – to accommodate large truck heights as well as chain weighted drop valance to seal the occasional lower truck. Extra wide Foam Head members of 18'-30" are available for varying truck heights (Optional)

Steel Guard can manufacture other custom dock seals including Rail Dock Seals, Collapsible Dock Shelters, Inflatable Dock Seals. Contact us today so we can guide you to the proper solution for your application.