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Product Announcement from Steel Guard Safety Corp.

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Designed for the most demanding applications Steel-Scrim® Vinyl can stand up to the extreme abuse of your industrial environment. With a tensile strength over 84% stronger than standard vinyl laminates of its weight, this 16 oz vinyl is stronger and more tear-resistant than 18 oz, 22 oz, or even 26 oz, vinyls.

The secret is Steel-Scrim® Vinyl's unique Tri- Axial design utilizing a multi directional scrim for stronger tensile and tear strength. The Unique Steel-Scim® Vinyl Welding Curtains give you extreme protection from welding arc, slag, flash, and grinding sparks. Get the best protection on the market for your welding application.

Steel-Scrim® Vinyl Welding Curtains

Protect you from:

• Welding Arc, Painful Flash Burn, and Heavy Grinding

• Mildew, Harmful Chemicals and even Acid

• Heat up to 200 degrees (F) and Cold down to -20 degrees

• OSHA fines, Injuries and Expensive Medical Bills

Plus, it gives you the highest tensile strength available...and it's surprisingly affordable.


Additional Steel Guard Safety Corp products include:

Welding Screens - Free standing, portable protection from Welding arc, and flash.

Welding Blankets - Shield yourself from high temperature welding spatter. Protection up to 3000 degrees.

For our newest product catalog (pdf) - http://www.steelguardsafety.com/pdfs/SteelGuard_Cat08.pdf

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