Integration of analog devices with STEGO CONNECT

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It's easy to keep an eye on all parameters: your devices provide important data, which STEGO CONNECT puts out in an easily comprehensible format. This allows you to use the data to generate added value – for example, by analyzing the data for use in decision-making or by providing useful information to optimize machines and systems. You can also keep an eye on the status of all devices and thus reliably avoid any failures and subsequent problems.

STEGO CONNECT's Plug-and-Connect functionality makes digitalization easy. The system gives you direct access without your own team of experts.

IO-Link devices, such as sensors and actuators, although located all over the world, can be centrally configured, monitored, and controlled by the STEGO CONNECT platform in combination with edge-computing.

STEGO CONNECT thus provides you with the ideal conditions to implement your vision of Industry 4.0 without the need to develop customized, in-house solutions.

And what’s more, with STEGO CONNECT, you can rely on a future-proof IIoT platform thanks to the use of the global IO-Link standard.

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