The Filter Fan Plus solution

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Heat can quickly take down your best electrical component designs. 
Don’t let preventable overheating trigger forced outages and emergency repairs. The STEGO Filter Fan Plus air-flap technology creates unparalleled air flow, keeping your electronics cool and operational in any temperature.

Extreme high temperatures in enclosures and switch cabinets may cause malfunctions of electrical and electronic components. Our filter fan range, roof filter fans and further ventilation products prevent  overheating and the impairment of installations reliably.

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STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH
STEGO - Perfect Thermal Management: Since it was founded in 1980, STEGO Elektrotechnik in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, has been developing, producing and selling an evergrowing range of products for the protection of electric and electronic components. All STEGO products for cabinets and enclosures - heaters, fan heaters, filter fans, LED-lamps, thermostats, hygrostats and accessories - are aimed at reaching optimum climatic conditions in the most varied environments, en-suring that all sensitive components work reliably at all times. STEGO is now represented at 12 locations and by more than 200 sales partners worldwide.