The Right Thermal Solution hazardous environments.

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Hazardous Area Thermostat
REx 011 | 15 °C, 25 °C (T6)
With proven expertise as a heating manufacturer for panels & enclosures, STEGO meets the requirements of the Ex industry. The Ex heater series CREx 020 safeguards heating of switchgear and control cabinets as well as measuring devices in explosive atmospheres of zone 1 (gas atmospheres) and zone 21 (dust atmospheres) according to Ex protection class Ex II 2 GD. The maintenance-free convection heaters are available in three temperature classes (T3/T390 °F, T4/T275 °F and T5/T212 °F) and reliably prevent the harmful formation of condensate, temperature fluctuations and frost in explosive atmospheres. The CREx 020 series achieves dust and splash protection according to protection type IP66.

The aluminum profile heating body in anodized silver is equipped with a high-performance heating cartridge. CREx 020 models are available with heating capacities from 50 W up to 250 W. The aluminum heating body features a sophisticated geometry of the convection surface which ensures perfect temperature distribution to avoid local overheating. The CREx 020 heaters are designed with minimal width and are ideal for conventional heating installation. The overall size is perfectly matched to the performance and therefore only as big as necessary.

CREx 020 heaters can be mounted by means of a clip for 1.4” DIN rails according to EN 60715 or anchored firmly with screw flanges. The universal screw flanges fit all heater sizes and can be inserted tool-free into the heaters’ profile. This enables sidewise mounting in addition to the standard mounting position, giving room for optimal placement in the application.

STEGO’s Ex thermostat REx 011 is the fitting partner for control of the convection heater CREx 020 in hazardous areas. With temperature class T6/T185 °F the mechanical compact thermostat is the standard solution for temperature control in explosive environments of protection class Ex II 2 GD. The REx 011 is available in versions with two different switch-off temperatures (+59 °F or +77 °F). Technically sophisticated, the Ex thermostat has a high response accuracy and response speed, a low switching temperature difference (5 K) and a very long service life. The maximum switching capacity of up to 10 A ensures high reserves for direct control of more than one device with one Ex thermostat. Compact in its construction, the CREx 020 can be installed in small niches. It mounts by means of screw flanges or DIN clip. In addition to its standard mounting position, the CREx 020 can also be mounted sidewise. So, finding a neutral and stand-alone position becomes an easy task. Connection via PE cable according to DIN EN 60079 is simplified with a universal screw terminal, which is suitable for almost all types of conductors (up to 2.5 mm2 diameter).
STEGO Ex products have the industry-specific approvals ATEX (according to Directive 2014/34 / EU) and IECEx, offering comprehensive, certified security for applications in hazardous environments.