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StellarNet, Inc is the leading manufacturer in the research grade, high performance spectrometer design offered in standard (190-900nm) and extended ranges (200-1100nm).

One of the main advantages of the BLACK-Comet is its ability to drastically reduce stray light levels, 0.02% at 435 nm and 0.2% at 200 nm, the lowest values of any field spectrometer. By design, the holographic grating has a smoother surface than the normal ruled gratings used in competing spectrometer models. Surface roughness is the primary source of grating generated stray light and thus by employing superior grating technology, StellarNet's Concave Grating Spectrometers are able to drastically reduce the effect. Additionally, grating scatter does not occur with the BLACK-Comet and due to the spectrometers ability to reduce and virtually eliminate this, the Concave Grating spectrometer provides two to three times enhanced UV sensitivity as compared to plane grating/Czerny Turner optical configurations.

Furthermore, the units are ruggedized. The detector is bolted in position and military grade epoxy holds the concave grating in place making the instruments vibration tolerant, durable, and suitable for just about any lab and/or field measurement. Fiber optically couple a StellarNet spectrometer to a sampling accessory and free accompanied SpectraWiz software package, and have a full solution for all of your spectroscopy needs!

Check out this paper explaining  "Why Concave Gratings are the Best!"


StellarNet manufactures precision fiber optic spectrometers for portable and multi-channel industrial applications, which enable low cost spectroscopy solutions. Our expertise in electro-optics, software design, and applications development, provides unmatched price performance in the global instrumentation market


Since 1991, StellarNet has been producing low cost miniature fiber optic spectrometers and accessories for industrial and academic applications worldwide. StellarNet is now one of the world's leading producers of ruggedized spectrometers for wavelength ranges of 190-2300nm and attributes its success to the eXtreme engineering of its internal optical benches, gratings, extruded electronics and detectors, and airflow optimized aluminum enclosures. StellarNet spectrometers contain no moving parts, detector sockets, or screws, allowing for extended life and eXtreme durability.

Popular Applications

StellarNet offers preconfigured Color measurement Systems, SpectroRadiometer and LED systems, Raman, Thin Film and Optical Measurement systems, SpectroChemistry Systems, Spectrofluorometers, PORTA-LIBS-2000 and Plasma Emission Monitors, and Raman systems.

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Free SpectraWiz Software Spectroscopy Software It's like a "Swiss Army Knife" of spectroscopy application tools that include customizable LabVIEW and VBA Excel programs and more

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