Batteryless, Wireless, Pull-Wire Switches

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Wireless, pull-wire switches feature an ninternal electrodynamic energy generator.  No battery required.  Displacement of the actuator generates power to send a unique, coded telegram to one or more compatible, easily-programmed Receivers. If pull-wire switch does not receive a signal that the telegram was received by the Receiver within 15 ms, it transmits a second telegram.   


  • Battery-less operation via self-contanied energy generator
  • Transmits at 915 MHz (USA/Canada/Australia)
  • 3.2 meter nylon pull cord with rubber grip ball
  • Maximum nominal transmission range: 50 m indoors, 700 m "free air"
  • Bidirectional communications with Receiver confirming receipt of telegram
  • Switch action configurable at Receiver (e.g. NO, NC, other)
  • Ingress prtotection rating:  IP67
  • Mechanical life expectancy:  > 1 million actuations
  • Operating temperature range:  -20 o C to + 65 o C
  • Certifications:  FCC, IC (for SW 915 MHz models), EC (for 868 MHz models)



  • Transmission range extenders


Typical Applications:

  • Remote overhead door control
  • Remote Start-Stop control
  • Remote Alarm activiation
  • Emergency eyewash stations