Custom-Built, Medical-Grade Foot Switches

Featured Product from steute

In addition to its wide range of catalogue products, steute Meditec also – in collaboration with its customers – develops highly specialised and complex user interfaces with diverse switching and regulating elements, such as pedals, push buttons, rocker switches , joysticks and joypads.

The application areas in which steute already has numerous reference customers for its Custom foot controls include surgery, ophthalmology, surgical microscopes and imaging techniques (X-ray / MRI / CT). Here the equipment manufacturer has 100 % control not only over the function of the switching device, but also over the corporate design. 

  • Foot Switches for Surgical Microscopes
  • Foot Switches for Ophthalmology
  • Foot Switches for Operating Tables / Operating Chairs
  • Foot Switches for X-ray/MRI/CT