In-House Manufacturing

Product Announcement from Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC)

In-House Manufacturing-Image

As a design and build firm, we place high value on our in-house machine shop for prototyping, manufacturing custom parts, and our ability to handle custom modifications. As the company grows, we continue to invest in our in-house machining capabilities as evidenced by our double-column, 3-axis Johnford DMC-1200, CNC machining center, our CNC OMAX Water-Jet Cutting Machine and our CNC Sharp Milling Centers.

While our strategy still includes outsourcing some parts-making and fabrication, we continue to build our own in-house machining equipment which gives us key advantages:

  • Prototype at low cost
  • Manufacture complex parts in low volume
  • Modify commercials at low cost
  • Control priorities & quickly respond to changes

All these reasons add up to flexibility and cost savings for our clients. Ultimately, our in-house manufacturing allows us to control custom parts-making and offer you a premium automation machine on-time and on-budget.