Laser Gauge Measurement System

Service Detail from Steven Douglas Corp. (SDC)

Laser Gauge Measurement System-Image

Steven Douglas Corp. designs and manufacturers special machines used in factory automation. Machines include: Assembly, Processing, Material Handling, and Testing and Inspection equipment.

One example is the Laser Gauge Measurement System we designed for a global specialty materials manufacturer.

Customer: Global specialty materials manufacturer

Project Title: Laser Gauge Measurement System

Product: Raw quartz tubing material for the production of fiber optic cable

Project Description: Provide one (1) automatic measurement gauge

Project Specs:

  • Establish overall tube geometry and characteristics by measuring individual quartz tubes.
  • Capture and store measurement data and generate individual tube data sheets.
  • Measure quartz tubes from 18" to 120" overall length


  • The SDC Quartz Tube Laser Measurement System precisely calculates tube geometry by determining:
    • Overall tube length
    • I.D.'s and O.D.'s at specific points
    • Bow and Ovality
    • Cross sectional area, etc.
  • The entire Mechanical and Electronic functions of the machine are synchronized and controlled by a PC workstation running a custom written Visual Basic (VB) application complete with a custom user-friendly interface.
  • The VB application automatically converts Laser Gauge measurement data into a reader/printer friendly Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.