2-Piece Fastener Makes Set Screws Obsolete

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Shaftloc® Fastening Device is Simply Superior!

Shaftloc® is a patented rotating component fastening device, manufactured by SDP/SI (ISO 9001 + AS9100D Registered). A surprisingly simple design, it eliminates all the disadvantages of traditional methods for fastening components to shafts.

The Shaftloc® Fastener is offered in a variety of styles, but they all feature a simple two-piece construction with corresponding male and female threads. The sleeves slide over the shaft on either side of the component to be secured. The threads are assymetrical so that the two sleeves wedge together around the shaft, holding the part in place between them. Hex heads make it easy to tighten the Shaftloc® sufficiently, and to unscrew it to make adjustments as needed.

Because of its uncomplicated design, the Shaftloc® Fastener is easy to install, adjust and is low cost. Since there are no set screws, it can be reused and adjusted many times over without damaging the shaft. The shallow angle of the thread produces large amplification of forces, resulting in substantial torque transmission capability between the component and the shaft.

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