Design Guide for Miniature Drive System

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Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) is well known for supplying the problem-solving mechanical components engineers are looking for. Specializing in timing belt and pulley drive systems, SDP/SI manufactures and stocks a wide array of pulleys in a variety of materials, sizes, types, and numbers of teeth. Mating timing belts in standard and custom widths are offered for quick delivery.

Miniature timing belts in profiles FHT-1, FHT-2, FHT-3, and MXL are stocked in polyurethane, reinforced with Kevlar or fiberglass cords while GT®2 timing belts are made of neoprene, fiberglass reinforced. All timing belts are offered in standard widths or can be customized to meet need.

SDP/SI pulleys are precisely manufactured to fit the timing belt profile, resulting in better operation and longer belt life. The pulleys are machined or molded; some sizes are available with the unique Fairloc® hub design.

We are here to help! Get stock components, custom design, and precision manufacturing and assembly capabilities at SDP/SI.

Design your miniature belt drive system:

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 Metric sized components

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