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Hicksville, NY -- Constant force extension springs from Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument are designed for use in applications requiring a smooth and steady force for retracting or returning, such as in door and drawer closers, clamps, bands and clips. They are also used as magazine feed drives in vending machines and assembly line machinery.

Identified as the A 3X50  Extension Springs series, they offer high stress and long deflection which offer many advantages over conventional coiled springs. These advantages are significant when used in applications where low or zero gradient is desired, where limited space is a factor, where large extensions are required and where high initial force at initial deflection is required. The springs feature widths from 3/16" to 2", made of 301 Stainless Steel and are provided with at least one punched hole in the free end for fastening purposes. The maximum recommended load per spring ranges from .23 lbs. to 40.9 lbs.

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