Custom Load Pin Designs

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Custom Load Pin Designs from Strainsert

The internally gaged Clevis Pin (invented by Strainsert, U.S. Patent No. 3,695,096) is designed to measure forces transmitted/supported through pin joints. The force sensing pins allow direct, accurate, and repeatable measurements in pin joints from 1/4" diameter to over 10" diameter in almost every type of pin joint. Strainsert offers Clevis Pin designs which exist for common applications (see our load pin overview page) or which can be easily integrated into the application.

In addition, Strainsert also designs and manufactures many custom pins tailored for unique applications and installations. Strainsert designs combine over 40 years of design experience with a fully automated manufacturing process to provide reliable, cost effective and fully configured transducer systems. Furthermore, Strainsert can offer tremendous design flexibility to accomodate both low / high measurement load for a given pin diameter, custom loading geometries, different materials, high factors of safety, special finishes, fatigue designs, high pressure applications or other special requirements.

The Strainsert approach to custom design begins with a one-on-one dialogue between our designers and the customer to ensure the optimal design is achieved. Strainsert quickly and efficiently develops a customer drawing which is provided to the customer for approval prior to manufacturing. This approach provides the customer with added assurance that the clevis pin is designed to specification.

The clevis pins or clevis bolts can be designed for extreme durability under even the most severe conditions temperature variations or working environments. These products have a wide range of applications, have a long operational life and are currently used everywhere from common force measurement applications up to such cutting edge projects as the Mars Exploration Rover Mission for NASA, the Space Shuttle launching pad and hydrostatic or submersible vehicles deep under the ocean's surface. To inquire for additional information, please use our contact form and request a Custom Clevis Pin questionnaire and a link will be emailed to you.


Strainsert force sensing pins are typically available to measure from 50 to well over 1 million pounds. A few typical applications include:

· Structural Tests

· Rocket Reaction Forces

· Flight Simulators

· Aircraft Wing Joints

· Winch/Crane/Lifting Systems

· Conveyors

· Landing Gear Clevis Joints

· Test Machines

· Mooring Lines/Lanyards

· Hydraulic Actuators

· Sprocket/Pulley Axles

· Nuclear Fuel Rod Control

· Bombay/Cargo Doors

· Structural Tests

· Railroad/Towbar Connections

· Sheave Axles