Interchange Coupling - Connection Under Pressure!

Product Announcement from Stucchi Inc.

Interchange Coupling - Connection Under Pressure!-Image

Stucchi Inc. - Wing style Interchange Couplings provides reliable service and allows connection & disconnection under pressure.

Overview: Interchange Parker 6100, Aeroquip 5100 Rugged Wing Nut

  • Seals: Nitrile
  • Threaded sleeve allows connection / disconnection under pressure
  • Coupler: Brass material
  • Wing: Cast Steel
  • Nipple: Brass material

Many hydraulic quick couplers look alike on the outside, but performance, ease of use and overall reliability vary greatly between brands. We invite you to try our products and compare Stucchi to current suppliers and learn why Stucchi is the choice of leading OEM's and distributors globally. We thank you for considering Stucchi as your supplier of choice, and for our existing customers we appreciate your continued support.

Technical Support is provided by our experienced people in both our Customer Service & Field Sales Support Reps.

Product Quality Assurance is documented throughout our supply chain...beginning with raw material certifications. Ongoing improvements in production material, automation of production, fatigue testing, pressure testing parts prior to shipping and an ISO Quality Management System.