Torq-Tronics2® Digital Torque Tester

Product Announcement from Sturtevant Richmont

Torq-Tronics2® Digital Torque Tester-Image

Finally! A torque tester that has something important to tell you at critical moments. Torq-Tronics 2 is designed with Fail Safe Engineering to protect your quality and reputation. How? When pulled to over 120% of capacity, Fail Safe Engineering activates. What does it do to tell you something could be wrong?

  • The Torque Indicator LED constantly flashes red as long as power is supplied.
  • If power is distrupted the LED flashes when power is restored.
  • Track mode stops operating.
  • The top line of the display says "OV 120% Capacity".
  • Test result of OK/NG no longer works on display on or reports.
  • Secondary memory activates, records over capacity data and cannot be erased.
  • If employee tries to erase memory, the display says "OV 120% Capacity See Supervisor"
  • Each test, post overload, is identified with an OVL until the tester is checked and reset.
  • Removing the overload flag is controlled, yet fast and easy via Hyper-Terminal.
  • Fail Safe Engineering protects the integrity of your process, your quality, and your reputation.


The Torq-Tronics® line of Digital Torque Testers is ideal when:

  • Clicker or camover type torque wrenches, or torque screwdrivers, need to be calibrated.
  • An inexpensive and versatile tester for intermediate checks of torque tools is needed.
  • Non-impacting power tools need to be tested.
  • Simplicity of operation is desired.
  • Protecting the integrity of your testing program is vital.

Many customers consider this to be a "twofer." Accurate enough to calibrate many tools, yet inexpensive and durbale enough to be used as a daily tester for simple checks between calibrations of all types of tools. A special power tool mode with 10 testing filters comes standard.

Features and Characteristics

  • Accuracy of +/- .5% of Indicated Value from 10% to 100% of rated capacity meets or exceeds requirements of ASME B107.300-2010.
  • Four modes of operation - Track, Peak, Initial Peak and Power Tool
  • Power tool mode has 10 testing filters.
  • Units of measure include English, Standard International and metric.
  • Units of 300 inch-pound (34 Nm) capacity and below are optimized for bench mounting; larger units may be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Torq-Tronics 2® is amazingly simple to operate!
  • Electronics module with large display is easy to read.
  • RS232 serial port for output of test results to computer or laptop - immediate documentation of test results! USB adapter supplied with tester.
  • Interfaces with Hyper-Terminal as well as Putty, to download test data into Excel for storage and analysis.
  • Includes FREE certificate of calibration from our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory!
  • Includes 120-240 VAC to 6 VDC screw on converter for stability during power tool testing.
  • Used as an interim tester it can reduce or eliminate needless calibrations for an excellent ROI.

For more information about how Torq-Tronics 2 can help you gain real control of your torque testing program email us at