Side entry mixer seal: GS400

Product Announcement from SUNKAIER TECHNOLOGY


The most commonly used mechanical seal in FGD agitators worldwide

The type GS400 shaft seal is a singleacting mechanical seal that can rotate in either direction. It has been specially designed for sealing abrasive slurries and is used for side-entry applications below the surface of the liquid. The seal rings are thus immersed in the product, which lubricates and cools them. Their material (silicon carbide/silicon carbide) is highly wear resistant. They are spring-loaded with a hydraulic design that ensures reliable wetting of the seal faces when in operation. This makes any additional seal liquid system with its associated piping etc. unnecessary. The temperature in the gap between the seal rings remains so low that no evaporation of the liquid occurs there. Springs, drive pins and secondary seals are protected against the build-up of solids.