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The application of ceramic bearing in cooling fan

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Ceramic bearing is still an oil bearing. It has the characteristics of high hardness and high strength. The thermal expansion coefficient, friction coefficient, density, hardness and other parameters are much higher than bronze and bearing steel used in oil seal bearings and ball bearings. Some parameters of ceramic bearing can be comparable to diamond coefficient. According to the test, the average service life of the ceramic bearing fan is more than 150,000 hours. It can completely eliminate the phenomenon of shaft stuck in high temperature because of its low thermal expansion coefficient. In addition, the noise of the ceramic bearing fan is also lower than ball bearing fan. The assembly process of ceramic bearing fan is much simpler than that of ball bearing fan, so that the cost is lower than that of the ball bearing.

With the appearance of ceramic bearing fan, the shortcomings of the personal computer cooling fan have been effectively conquered. Low noise, long life, oxidation resistance of the personal computer cooling fan is not luxury. It can be foreseen that ceramic bearing fan with its unique advantages will be more widely used in the future.