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Suntron Corporation is a provider of complete manufacturing services and solutions supporting the entire life cycle of medical products. Suntron's Product Engineering Services team can execute complex electronic product and system level designs including analog, digital, hardware, software, mechanical and analytical solutions. Our Suntron development approach enables our customers to launch their products at the lowest costs, on time and to specification.

Utilizing our established relationships and medical design procedures, Suntron can help our customers navigate the complex FDA 510K application and approval process. Suntron will create the required prototypes to ensure FDA-Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) through the use of ISO 13485 approved processes.

Our Associates at Suntron take pride in manufacturing high quality medical products to support Low to Medium volume and High Mix manufacturing requirements.

Suntron supports Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), Wire Harness, Wire Wrap, Complete Box Build and other system integration and manufacturing requirements.

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  • ISO 13485 : 2003
  • FDA Registered
  • IPC-A-610 Class II, III
  • IPC620A
  • UL/CSA
  • Certified for Lead-free Manufacturing for both SMT & PTH (Rohs)
  • ISO 14001

Come see why Suntron Medical customers say, "Without Suntron and their New Product Introduction (NPI) process, our costs would have gone through the roof! Suntron understands the FDA 510K and FDA-GMP process requirements."

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