Carbide Drill for Composites

Product Announcement from Superior Tool Service, Inc.

Carbide Drill for Composites-Image

Your solution has arrived. These solid carbide drills have a special custom tip, created by Superior Tool Service, Inc. just for drilling composite material. These drills come in a variety of sizes, from #40 through 1" diameter. They are available in the following configurations:

  • Screw Machine Length
  • Jobber Length
  • Taper Length
  • Aircraft Extension
  • Custom size: diameter, length, shank (print needed)
  • Coatings available for a specific application

Shanks available:

  • Straight shank
  • ΒΌ-28 HSS threaded hex shank (shown)
  • Quick change shank

Need a solid carbide reamer for composite?

Try Superior Tool's tapered drill-reamer and you won't be disappointed. They work especially well by hand. These come in sizes ranging from #40 to 1". They are straight flute, 4 flute, with our special composite tip allowing you to drill and ream in one operation.

Having a tough time going through multiple layers of composite or a stack-up of metals and composites? Superior Tool has a solid carbide double margin drill with a special composite tip that will provide you with a hole you can be proud of. These work well in CNC applications. This special geometry can cut a close tolerance hole without delaminating your material.

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